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My husband Mike and I live in Omaha Nebraska as well as our daughter Amber, son dustin and son Christian.  Our daughter Lexie is residing in heaven, waiting for the rest of her family to arrive.


This blog is about my journey through loss, trauma, healing and part of this journey includes alternative health, working through trauma, how does God fit into this, …

My Story

I grew up on a farm in Glenwood Iowa and learned how to milk cows, ride horses and drive a tractor.  It was an idyllic childhood and I thought I would live out my days on a farm…that is until I met my husband at Mutual of Omaha, and corporate wife became my new identity

In 1994 Mike, an executive at Disney in Los Angeles, asked me “What are your dreams?”  He now says its the most dangerous question a man can ask his wife because he has to be ready to listen!  I answered Mike that day “I want to have more kids and live near my parents!”  Not knowing how in the world that could happen at age 40 and living in Los Angeles he resorted to God and said “Well, I can’t make that happen, so I need your help!”  It led us to one of the most incredible adventures I could ever have dreamed of. Mike got job of a lifetime in Omaha, Nebraska, near my parents in Glenwood and we had two more children!  What we hadn’t anticipated was the onslaught of tragic events that unfolded in the years to come.  After the joyous birth of our third child Christian in 1996, my parents were involved in a car accident, killing my dad and wounding my mom critically.  A few years later our 4th child Alexis was born with trisomy 13 and lived 3 years in and out of hospitals.  My mom passed away a few months later from lung cancer.

In an effort to reconcile the God of miracles and of answered prayers I had so excitedly celebrated, with the God who allowed so much tragedy, caused me to go on a quest to get the answers to my story.  Mike and I ended up at IHOP in Kansas City, learning about End Times, and Israel, then on to the rich and famous and living in Santa Barbara California and then to  attending Bethel Ministry School and moving to Redding California, through a mini retirement golf community in Arizona and finally back home  to Omaha Nebraska 


During the process our son Dustin noticed the journey I was making to get healing and wholeness. One morning he said “Mom, I think we should do different types of stories. Stories about people who go through great tragedy, but they figure out how to, you know, get back in the saddle again.” Instantly I thought of a song from my childhood called “Back In The Saddle Again” by Gene Autry, and we were off! I hope you enjoy and at times are encouraged by this collection of stories and pictures and how God has made me into a woman of courage and faith and knowing that nothing is impossible with God.  I hope that “Back in the Saddle” will help you to know that you’re never alone, that God has a plan and that He loves you.

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I hope you’ll ride along with me on this journey of trials and hope to be the best version of me I can be.





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