Healing Center in Germany

Healing Center in Germany

On the far western border of Germany there is a most extraordinary place of peace and healing called His Place. What used to be a school has been converted into a country inn in a village of about 400 people. One of the main emphasis of the inn was to serve healthy nutritious food. As more and more people experienced a stay at the inn they all wanted to know how to eat better so they could have healthy lives like the two owners Wayne and Irene. Eventually Irene started teaching classes on healthy eating and the effect it had on our overall health and that evolved into an alternative health/nutrition center. In 2007 they expanded the inn to include a wellness center, complete with a spa, gym, rooms for therapy and they have also developed a few employees who went back to school to learn the latest alternative medicine techniques, which included a registered nurse and a certified physical therapist.

Irene continued to teach seminars on the benefits of good nutrition and the role of healing. Since 2007 they have had numerous documented testimonies of people coming to stay at their inn who have had nothing short of a miraculous turnaround in their life. People now come from all over the world to try to get their body to recover in a very peaceful pastoral nonstressed environment. Stress is at the core of most of the disease and dysfunctionality of our bodies, so they not only created an environment that is relatively free of stress but they also believe that one of the key ways to cope with stress is to have their staff constantly love on people and hug people.  Amazing how much difference that makes in our body’s ability to receive all of the treatements they offer.

Also availlable is constant prayer, while they are administering different treatments, prayer walks, worship each morning and if desired, people will come and pray individually for you.

Adrenal Failure and Compromised Immune System Treatment

Mike (husband) went there because he knew he was having adrenal failure and his immune system was compromised. Turns out that this is one area that they specialize in and they have focused on people that have burnout. While they can’t say which specific treatment,  nutrition, therapy, or individual intervention was the key, but probably a combination of all those things that allowed him to get some breakthrough. He now feels equipped to not only eat right, but to try to handle stress and burnout in a different way. The real bonus was that Wayne, the founder, used to be a professional nightclub singer and many evenings after dinner, he would serenade all the guests by singing great broadway hits, pop music from the 60 and 70’s They have created a classy inn environment which everyone really seems to enjoy.

I think science has proven to develop a new habit, it will take at least 30 days, and all that come are encouraged to stay a minimum of 30 days or more and in Mike’s sittuation, he needed a month because he needed to reboot his mmune system which took juice fasting, intense vitamin injectioins and other types of detoxing to cleanse his liver, colon, etc. and you wouldn’t see the benefits of that in too short of a time.

Spiritually, he knew before he went there that it was a christian place and there would be some talk of God, some prayer and asking for miracles. But he was surprised at how they integrated the prayer and asking God for miracles into their every day routine.

Every morning His Place has a prayer and worship time for the staff and for anyone that wanted to come. Some days he would go to the prayer time and be so encouraged. He also felt like he benefited from prayer that happened while he was receiving some of his therapies by the physical therapist and the nurse. Almost every day he would go out on a prayer walk which was alone time with him and God and ask God what kind of changes he needed to make in his life. Several days that walk took him over into France, and it really helped him to get over the feeling of being so far away from home and the lonliness that came with it. There were counselors available too for those that wanted one on one prayer to talk through issues of the heart.

He was encouraged to look at his life, and his lifesyle choices, which is part of the education and prayer and he become aware of the choices he made that compromised his health. Then he was allowed to talk  about what to lay down, and what to keep and what to pick up again. A very indiviual unique solution. They are very sensitive to what you are going through and do a good job of listening. His Place staff  rebooted not only his immune system but also his relationsip with God.

The only drawback was that he was spoiled there. He wondered how he could make his real life contain some of the same atmospheric and environmental changes.

His Place used many procedures that some would call new age. But so many of us have thrown the baby out with the bath water and not wanted to use these techniques. But they’ve learned how to harness the medical part and not use the new age theology that usually goes along with it.

Benefits of Going to His Place

The thing he heard the most from the people there was that they realized they had gotten themselves into these situations. Usually beginning with trauma, and then personal choices made after those things had happened. What guests found when they got there was as they began to fast not only food, but media and technology, they were finally able to hear God again. They had time to talk with Him on a daily basis and once again restore that relationship. This did not come from counseling, but from, purifying their bodies and their spirits and dealing with those things that had been pushed far away and also being in a healthy supportive environment.

So grateful for the lives of these people pouring out for others.

Michael has received nearly 75% healing from his neuropathy, pain and numbness. He’s gone through years of treatements and in 4 weeks, his healing has been huge. That’s good enough for me!

Robbie Frank

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