It all started when my husband came back from a place of healing in Germany, and decided he wanted to visit this business that had colonics, infrared sauna and foot soaking to continue the good benefits of detoxing his body. We walked in the door and before I knew it, we had signed up for 6 sessions of each. Never having been to an infrared sauna and a foot soaking, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But here are some of my thoughts of why I want to do this:


We were together one day and decided to stop into the store. I’ve heard about colonics so many times and how good it is for you, but who wants to not only spend money on this, but go through the procedure? I’m guessing only someone who has health issues and is ready to do something drastic! I don’t know if I was quite there. I’m always on the edge. Never getting really sick, just tired a lot and these blasted hot flashes! Never knowing when they will come, and not able to take medication for them. I’ve tried every kind of alternative method and nothing seems to work. Maybe this will help. I’m dripping from one now, as I type. I’d love to have these gone! I’d also love to not have high blood pressure. and of course along with my high blood pressure came plant facitis. All things that could possibly change with a healthier body.

Weight loss

I’m also hoping to kick start losing some weight. I’ve been on so many diets and restrictions of food over the last 12 years, I’m hoping that this will set my heart and my mind and my body in a good beginning. I want my body to tell me when to eat, what to eat, and how much, instead of a chart or diet program. For me, weight loss is very emotional and no matter who’s diet plan is in front of me, if I haven’t figured out the reason I eat more than my body needs, the best plan or program in the world is not going to matter.


I also know that whenever I’ve fasted in the past I cheat. If I don’t have time to make the juice, or if I forgot to stop at the store to pick up my veggies, I’m not going to be strong enough to make dinner for the boys and sit there and watch them eat. This is a beautiful way to get rid of all of my excuses. I’ll have my juice ready to go and can sit and chat with them and also drink while I’m fixing dinner.


I know that when I take my focus off of food, buying, preparing and eating, I can be more receptive to God’s voice and direction. Amazing how much time I spend thinking about food. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just need to get it into perspective and into right order. God first, food somewhere else down the line. I’m hoping to go deeper with God during this time and hear a direction for the future. I feel we are at a place in our lives where we are ready for new direction and I want to hear from God, not my brain of good ideas.

Monday, August 13 was the first day of our adventure. We figured our 35th wedding anniversary was August 12, 2012, why not start this next year out with the healthiest bodies we can have. We met, Jan as we entered and she gave us footbaths to start along with a foot rub. She is like a walking encyclopedia of health tips. I’ll share those with you as I research them.

I was shocked to see the black stuff in the foot bath. Mike had gone online and found out that many people think this does absolutely nothing for the body but as I looked at my bowl next to Mike’s I had to wonder. Mine was full of black and brown floating stuff and Mike’s was brown. Something was definitely different between the two of us and if it’s getting negative stuff out of me? Why not?

Infrared Sauna

Next was the infrared which was actually quite pleasant. It was warm and cozy and silent. Of course we don’t wear any clothes in the sauna, which is a weird thing for me. Usually I like to remain covered at all times, but I’m making this a part of my new life. Be free! Love my body! No, I’m not going to join a nudist colony! But I am going to work on loving my body on the outside more. I get to refresh myself with a wet washrag whenever I feel too warm and then just rest. For a mom of 33 years, to be in a quiet warm place undisturbed for 25 minutes, and to have toxins coming out of my body, along with a lot of sweat without having to move…perfect. I felt calm and rested when I came out.


Ok, this part was not my favorite. But the woman was so fun and kind, if ya gotta go through this, it was the best way. As a woman who’s had 4 children, and gone through years of doctors, I think it’s just pretty normal to have someone poking about, but for my husband it was quite frightening. Hopefully, he will recover by the next time he goes in…only 5 more! For me, however, knowing that this is cleaning out all of the crud that has been building up for 58 years made me feel good about myself.

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