Is God Really There?

Do you ever wonder if God is really there?  Is He really listening?  Am I just doing all of these things and nothing ever changes?  I’ve been getting messages lately, that maybe I might try spending some quiet time so I can hear if He does talk to me!  But stopping to listen doesn’t come easily so I’ve had to be very intentional about it.  
Yesterday I was on my way home from the gym and as I was about to turn to go home, I had a thought to go to the lake and see the sun come up. (Don’t worry, I rarely get up and work out in the dark…). It used to be a favorite of mine, to get up at sunrise and see the sun come up and talk to God and this last year I hadn’t seen hardly any.  I turned the car right and headed for the lake.  Focus on the Family came on, one of my favorite talk shows, so I thought “Maybe I’ll listen to the talk show while I’m watching the sun come up”.  Then another thought “Why don’t you turn on worship instead?”  Aw, I love my talk shows…but I guess I can listen later.  
So I turned into the parking lot, parked facing the sunrise and enjoyed the brilliant colors.  I had no idea this was 10 minutes from my house!  wow.  I turned on a new favorite worship song called Find Me and sat back and enjoyed the show.  What a sweet time with Jesus.
So this morning when Mike said “Let’s go see the sunrise today.”  I eagerly got ready and jumped into the car.  That’s something special we have begun to do in the last few years, but had missed it since moving to Omaha.  We pulled into the parking lot this morning with anticipation and began chatting about what we wanted to pray about today, waiting for the sun to come up a little more and immediately got into a fight.  We were so frustrated that even at this time in our lives we still have anything to fight about!  
But we got out of the car and began stomping along with all of these less than holy thoughts in our heads and suddenly I looked up and said “Is that an eagle?!”  And sure enough it was.  An eagle…
At a little man made lake in Omaha Nebraska at sunrise we see an eagle circling around the water slow and sweet, so we can even get some pictures!  Mike and God have this understanding, that when he sees eagles, he knows that God is there and loves him.  We walked on past and began to laugh at how small our problems are and how when you put God into the equation, nothing is impossible.  We marched around the lake and came to a dam at the end and decided to walk along the top and head back.
As we began walking I looked up again and said “Is that another eagle?!”  And sure enough it was another eagle!  We saw him come toward us in the quiet of the morning and slowly sail right over our heads.  We watched in amazement, frozen in time, at this gift from God to let Mike know (and me too!) that yes, this is indeed God and as a matter of fact that eagle is going to fly right over your heads!  Just in case you doubted it was Me.
Some days you can’t even explain how magnificent God is.  Beyond comprehension.  Thank you Lord, for that gift today. And for letting Michael and I know, ya, you are there and in this with us.

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