Juicing Fast

Juicing Fast

Some of you may wonder, why should I juice? As for me, I’ve been reading about if forever, and I’ve also fasted a day or two in my life.  But this time, I wanted to get a little more serious and once again, I’m ready to clean out my body and see if I can’t become the healthy person I want to be.  I thought it would be fun if others wanted to fast along with me, or share their fasting experiences.

Here’s the challenge:

7 day juice fast

4 quarts of juice a day

spinach, kale, celery, parsley cucumber

beet, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger

orange, pineapple and various other ingredients, in various types of combinations

(Organic, of course)

Journal the 7 day process

See what happens to your body, soul, and spirit


Where can I get the juice:

I arrived at Grilla Bites at 10:30 a.m.; and Brian and Kimberly had all my juices ready and waiting.

We’re on an adventure to see if we can figure out how to provide an affordable delicious way for people to pick up juice for the day so they don’t have to juice at home.

Honestly, I don’t mind juicing, it’s the remembering to pick up fresh vegetables (organic of course), get out the juicer, juice, and then clean up the mess. Yuck. If we can get this to work out, I’m a happy girl.

How much will it cost:

We’ve decided to try a price of $38 the first day, and 30 the remaining 6 days. $8 is for the jars that I will return and then receive my deposit back. I love the jars. Reminds me of mom and canning in the fall.

4 beautiful bottles of God’s purest food ready to go.

How will I store it and keep it fresh:

Of course I forgot my cooler, so we plunked them into a box and off I went.

Unfortunately I had to do several errands in our 100 degree weather, so I had to buy a bag of ice to lay on top of the bottles. I was so proud of myself for solving problem # 1 quickly and efficiently.

Next problem, how shall I drink this elixir? I happened to have a extra large cup from Starbucks with a straw in the car, so I happily poured half of my first jar into the cup and sipped away happily. It fit perfectly into my cup holder and thankfully didn’t tip over when I took a corner too fast!

The first jar was deep red and I think was a red zinger. It was tangy and beautiful and my body loved it.

I finally made it home and poured out the melted water from the ice. Thankfully it melted into the box and did not leak! I brought all my precious jars into the house and found a small portable cooler that was just perfect. I stuck my ice in for 2 more jars and put the 4th in the frig for tomorrow morning.

The next jar was orange and I’m going to guess it had carrots galore in it. It wasn’t quite as divine as the red, but I noticed it wasn’t as cold either. Time to get some ice and pour it over the ice and down it went.

What to do when around other people eating:

The only problem I had was when I stopped to get my son his burrito bowl and I smelled his delicious food. He was starving after football and I found a bag of nuts to munch while he ate happily away.  I felt virtuous for not caving in to tacos…but it wasn’t juice either.  I have grace for myself to do the best I can every day.  So that’s my excuse today anyway:)

Last night my husband wanted to go out for dinner while we waited for our son to get down with a school event, but I had to decline, not wanting to tempt myself to eat. So we sat in the car with his tacos and my juice waiting for our son to get done. Not quite as charming as a meal in a cool restaurant with a glass of wine. Have to work on a little more planning on that one.

How much would I save by not eating out?

We calculated what my husband had spent that day on lunch, snack, dinner, drinks and it was pretty close to $25.00. So I didn’t feel too bad about my purchase of $30 for a day of juice. Just think how happy my body was!

I have to say the evening juice was deliciously tart. With more ice in my cooler I think it would be even better.

I slept 7.5 hours last night, but I was really tired around 8:00 p.m. However, during the day I had plenty of energy to complete all of my tasks.

I’ve decided to just walk this week and not push myself with too much exercise.

Difficulties on fast:

I did pretty well as long as I had a large cup of juice and ice in front of me, but the trouble came when the boys became hungry and we were far from home. That meant that they were going to have to do something from a drive through or go to a restaurant. I was doing pretty well, until that drive through mexican. What is it about the smell of mexican food that makes you go crazy? YOu keep imaging the creamy goodness of melted cheese and spices and oh, there’s that guacamole! yum. My little “I’m juicing and on top of the world mentality began to fold into “resentment and grumpiness of how could they?” Don’t they know I’m juicing?

Mike wanted to go sit in a nice cool restaurant and have a beer while Christian was at a school event, and knowing my juice was in a cooler in the back seat and I would totally blow it I voted to just sit in the car in 100 degree weather for an hour and sip on my “delicious” drink.

Tempers got grumpier with the heat and Mike trying to have a little dream session of some fun things to do next week and finally gave up when I just said “NO! I don’t want to go anywhere!” Just check in with me tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll be happier then”.

No energy that day. Had to go to bed at 9:00 p.m.


[/vimeo]Yesterday was pretty darn good if I do say so myself! I liked the added flavors to the juices and I was prepared and always had my cooler with plenty of ice and a cup with lots of ice. When I ran out of ice, I just went to the restaurant(when I got my son a snack) and asked if they could refill with ice. Then poured my delicious drink over the ice and sipped away while driving around to errands.

Around lunch time, I began craving something to chew, so I had a couple of peaches that were very ripe. The other interesting thing I began noticing is my sense of smell. I seemed to think everything in the refrigerator and sitting on the counter was spoiling and cleaned that out.

I still had my coffee in the morning, which probably made me a little too happy for some, but I loved the feeling I had all day. I was able to focus more and when I had a thought or idea, I really was able to go deep on it. When my friends invited me over to pray, I was able to connect with scripture quickly and pull down prayer for the moment.

All was well until I got home and the boys were hungry. I decided on a stir fry, which of course seemed to take forever and the vultures were circling. I began bargaining in my head about how i could eat vegetables while I cooked, because they were what I was having anyway. I was convinced the chicken I was cooking was not good because of the smell, but the boys began to look at me like I was crazy, so I kept my opinions to myself. I also began to find myself short tempered. I was just fine in my little world all by myself. I didn’t want to hear anyone else’s requests. After all, I was cooking this delicious meal and not eating it…

ok. I did sit down for a plate of stir fry. Not too bad I thought. But then I had to fix our son’s lunch the next day, and when I grabbed that bag of chocolate covered blueberries that was where I folded. I quickly slipped a small handful directly into my mouth and oh! was that yummy.

Quick! Get yourself out of that kitchen now and find something else to do.

I decided to help my son go through his closet of clothes for the school year. Seeing as how today is his first day of school, thought it was time to think about this. Amazing! We did this project at 8:00 at night. I’ve never had energy to do anything at this hour. Love it.

Still having hot flashes, but my skin is oh so smooth!


My handy dandy juice carrier extrodinaire.

This day started out pretty good. I had my beautiful juice from the day before and it was delish. Made it in to Grilla Bites to pick up my drinks with my little cooler at noon. Probably waited a little long to pick them up, I was feeling a little hungry and weak, so I quickly slurped down half my drink. I was going in for my colonic at 1:00, so I stopped by the organic store to pick up a book or two that had been recommended. I also picked up some probiotics, which I have been told are good after you have been on antibiotics. I popped one in my mouth and headed off for my detox.

Made it to the colonics and started with a foot detox, and got really tired. I was also feeling spacy and having trouble thinking of what to say. The longer I sat there the more tired I got. Suddenly I had the most awful chest/stomach pains. I kept thinking it was like heartburn, but I hadn’t eaten anything but juice, so I didn’t know what was wrong. The pain kept up during the infrared sauna and into the colonic. It finally calmed down, but I was exhausted.

When I got home my stomach was hurting, so I had a bowl of granola and then some dinner of chicken and peas. My stomach is still hurting some, so I didn’t finish any of the juice.

I looked back at the probiotics and saw that I was supposed to take on an empty stomach. That’s the only thing I can think of that might have caused the upset stomach.

Will go to bed, and try again tomorrow.

Robbie Frank

p.s. Brian, I won’t be in to pick up any drinks tomorrow. I’ll just use what I had today




Well, this has now extended to the 8 day juice fast, just because I didn’t drink my juice yesterday as planned. No worries, we have to allow for some unknowns that could happen to my body.

Note to self: Do not mix probiotics, beet juice and a foot bath detox. I guess I’ll never know what was

Starting out a little tentative today, after yesterday, with a red juice from yesterday and will finish with the other two for the rest of the day. I’ll go in tomorrow for new juice. the problem because I’m not willing to experiment with that one again, but spent the night with a heating pad on my stomach. It was still tender this morning when I drank some cool water, but seemed fine with warm water…go figure. Chalk that one up to research I guess.


Maybe I’m detoxing, maybe I just ate the wrong combination, but day 3, was not a good one. Hoping for much better day today.



Yesterday was a tired day.  I seemed to be tired most of the day, so I decided to just take the day off.  I’ve heard that is a good idea when you’e doing a fast because my body is cleaning itself out, and you want to support that, plus it was great because I had an excuse to lay around and read books all day!

The other difficulty is a canker sore that has developed under my tongue.  Hurts all the time, so I’ve looked up why people get them and what can cure them.  From what I’ve gathered, sometimes it’s a vitamin b deficiency, or due to stress.  Since I’ve been laying around, I don’t think it’s stress, but I wonder if it also might be too much acidic drinks.  ONe of my drinks is all orange and pineapple, so I’ll cut back on that today, Sunday and drink more greens.
Last night Mike had bought tickets to go to a celebration dinner of our friends who have been in business for one year.  Little difficult to bring my juice, so I ate the dinner.  Of course I didn’t have to eat the hordevoures of proscuitto and asparagus, and the sweet little toasts with goat cheese.  Nor did I have to eat the yummy beef filet or garlic mashed potatoes.  And maybe I would have been ok if I’d stopped there, but then they brought out this scrumptious chocolate pie….wow.  When I let go…
So, starting over again this morning with my lovely green lemonade for breakfast.  I feel like i”m doing good things for my body now.  Really brought to light how much sugar (from the wine to the dessert), I put into my body on a regular basis.  And how much I don’t need all that food. The night before we invited friends to go out on a boat and brought frozen margaritas and veggies and fruit.  I brought my green drink in a jar and poured it into a margarita glass.  I felt so virtuous, only to crash last night.  But!  I did escape one night, so I’ll celebrate that.
Today I’m going to a brunch at a friend’s house.  I think I’ll bring my jar of green juice and sip it all morning.
One think I’ve been noticing is how soft my skin is becoming.  Amazing to think that if my body gets the right nutrients, it begins to heal itself.  I don’t even have to use $100 face cream…just green juice!
the other nice part of drinking juice is the crazy ability to keep me from hungering bad things for my body.  As long as I continue to drink my juice, I don’t feel those sudden urges to have something sweet or salty.  Again, my body is getting fed the correct nutrients and it is happy.
Tune in tomorrow for day 6!


🙂  Good morning!  Well, let’s just call yesterday a wash.  After getting to church yesterday morning, I raised my arms in worship and boiiiing!  My back started spasming.  I left right away and went home, but couldn’t get it to stop.  So I finally found some good painkillers, and parked myself on the couch…for around 10 hours!  Kinda slept through the night, but it definitely was not a juicing day.

I’ve been getting so beat up, some times Mike and I are wondering “Is it the juicing that’s so hard on my body?”  But since I have never heard of these things happening to other people that juice, I’m going to guess it’s not the juice.  My body is telling me I’m stressed, but I can’t figure out what is happening since I’ve been more relaxed than normal.  Guess that requires a session with God, to get this in the proper perspective.
I did, however, have a thought today that was very sad.  Maybe I’m going to have to give up coffee!  Maybe having 3 cups of coffee in the morning with my juice is a little much.  Maybe drinking coffee for 38 years is a good reason to take a break from that too!  YOu know, I’ve been wanting to quit coffee (kind of), and I guess this is the perfect opportunity.
More good news:  The strangest thing had begun to happen to my skin in the last few years.  Not only has it become very wrinkled, but it had also begun to kind of sag, especially on my legs!  Let’s just say it’s not pretty.  Whether it’s menopause, the hot Redding sun, or dehydration, I could not figure out.  However in the last few days, I’ve begun to notice the skin softening some, and also tighten up some.  No special creams or supplements.  Just amazing juice and exercise.  Hmmmm, what if?…the jury is still out.
I am, however, ready to start this day with juice, which is actually yesterday’s juice, so I won’t need any juice today and now I will have a 9 day fast!  Sounds so much more impressive than 7.
Wonder what excitement awaits me today?


Well, yesterday went pretty well. I was disappointed that I had this darn canker sore, so I wasn’t going to juice. However, Grilla Bites called and said they had my juice ready. So, I had to start over again! I guess I am juicing today. I’ve already paid for it, and it’s ready to go and I’m too cheap to let it go to waste, so I decided to collect the juice and continue.

However, I hadn’t planned on going in to town yesterday, (I live a whole 15 minutes from the restaurant), so I called my husband and asked him to deliver it when he came home. Perfect! I didn’t have to leave the house.

Just an fyi for juice fasters, you don’t want to be doing too much. I think if you have as much quiet time as possible, it leads to more time in a contemplative place and more time to connect with God. Once I get in my car and start driving around I think of all kinds of things I want to do, and really don’t spend much time in thought or prayer at all.

Today the same thing happened with my trip to town, and I had a friend coming to visit. She stopped off for me and delivered. So fun! She’s going to juice too! We can compare notes.


The other night my husband and I decided to go for a little ride in the boat while the sun was going down.  It was a glorious idea, and why not invite a few friends.  Hey, we could also make some frozen margaritas!  What fun.  We happily packed our cooler and got ready to go.  I began to think about how good those margaritas would taste.  Then the other side of me began to think about how good I’d been doing on my juice fast and how that much sugar would really set me behind for a day.  Then I began to think about how much fun this was going to be, and why couldn’t I just relax and have some more fun!  Why can’t I have a margarita?  Totally forgetting that in a few days I could have one if I wanted.  It seemed very important to me in that moment.  Then I had another thought.  Why not put your jar of green juice in the cooler.  Then you can choose and not panic.  We got into the boat and happily poured our margaritas for our friends, and then I pulled out my green juice, poured it into a margarita glass and happily sipped away.  Hey, I figure I’m going to have all kinds of opportunities to crash and burn this fast, and I’d better get used to navigating my way through them.  It’s beginning to show me how much I want to just “have my way” instead of pulling through the next adventure in making good choices.

A few nights later, we made bbq’d ribs and they had the most amazing smell as I baked them.  I made some green beans and corn on the cob, and my mouth was watering.  I sat down with the boys for dinner with my juice, and put some of all those yummies on my plate.  My son looked shocked and said “Mom, I thought you were juicing!”  What!?  Traitor, how could he remind me when I was all ready to eat these delicious morsels?  I just decided “I’m only having a little bit, that can’t hurt can it?”  Somehow it just didn’t taste as good as it should have.
Last night my husband decided to cook and make fried fish that they had brought home from Alaska.  Fresh beautiful fish, fried golden brown, with rice, beans, avocado, and corn tortillas.  I walked in the door and it was all on the table ready to go.  How could I say no?  I certainly wouldn’t be able to have fried fish from Alaska for a long time I reasoned, and that avocado would be good for me too.  But once again, even thought I ate it, I didn’t have the pleasure that usually accompanies this feast.
As you can see, a pattern is developing here.  I do great all day, but when dinner comes I seem to have an insanity button.  Part of this fast is to go deeper into my thoughts and why I do things, and to look at my relationship with food.    I read in the Juice fasting and detoxification book, by Steve Meyerowitz, that eating protein is not necessary during a fast, I can actually get some protein from vegetables!  Who knew?  So, I’m not going to die.  I also learned that I’m trying to quiet my body and clean it out, eating protein actually wakes it up to start eating and digesting again and that this could be one reason I’m not losing as much weight as I’d like.  So, got to figure out this evening argument I have with myself on why I deserve this meal in front of me!  Somewhere in my brain, I’ve decided that denying myself something delicious is not fair.  After all, I reason, I don’t eat dessert, or much bread, I’ve even slowed way down on potatoes and rice…
The question is, do I want to get healthy or not!  Something is not computing in my body.  I can’t eat gluten or much wheat anymore and I have high blood pressure.  So, I want to go on the journey and see if I can get my body healthy enough to eat those things again.  The option is eat what I want, and take medication for all of the medical issues that come up.  Or learn to govern my desire to eat when and what I want.  I want to live!  and not be controlled by my cravings.



Well, I didn’t make it all the way through.  That’s the discouraging thing about my juicing program.  I saw some things that were amazing.  Beautiful skin, feeling satisfied from hunger, knowing I was giving my body all the perfect nutrients, and having a clear head and more energy.  But I got this darn sore on my tongue (I know, too much information), which made it impossible to drink juice because it burned my tongue!

After talking with many people who have juiced, including my trainer Ben, I think I will do a few things differently next time.  4 quarts of juice a day!!!!  A friend looked at me in horror as they couldn’t imagine how anyone could drink that much juice.  Especially when one quart is beet juice.  After reading up on the mouth problems, I believe what happened is I was detoxing too fast.  The information I found said that some of the toxins could end up in your mouth and cause the problems I had, especially when you’re drinking a lot of beet juice.  The day after I quit drinking the juice…the mouth was great!  Go figure.  Possibly my potassium was off as well.
  • Well, I guess 2 quarts per day would definitely be adequate.
  • Don’t do a foot detox and colonics and drink beet juice all in the same day.
  • Don’t drink a quart of beet juice a day.  Try drinking a cup a day.  Totally perfect.
  • Do drink good greens every day, and be sure to add some yummy fruit and citrus to make it tasty.
  • Be prepared for the dinner hour.
  • Being asked out for dinner (maybe save all those for the next week)
  • Or, if you do go, be sure to bring your juice.  No one cares if you drink juice, they just love your presence…right?
  • Of course there will be those that feel bad because they are consuming things that are not good for them…But be strong!  You could be helping them to get into a better place with their health.  I think there were at least 5 people, if not more, that were inspired to start juicing.
  • If you have to cook dinner.  Make meals ahead when you have more energy and are strong.  Then when meal time comes, just dish it up and have your juice in a huge glass with ice and lots of water, and you’re good to go.
  • Be prepared to be tired.  Some days you will have off the chart energy and others you will be detoxing.  Give your body a rest and let it purge out all the junk that has been resisting.
At the end of the day, knowing you are putting so many good things in your body, understanding your body really doesn’t need so much food to survive, it does quite nicely on greens, and happy that you are doing good things for your liver.
Hope this journey has encouraged and informed you to think about doing good things for your body and to giving juicing a try, and to continue to get back in the saddle on the road to health.

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