The Healing Code

The Healing Code


I’m going to take you on a little more unusual journey than usual today, because it’s really out there for me, anyway.  While in Israel, my friend Jan introduced our group to a book called “The Healing Code”.  She laughed and told us it’s a little unusual, but that the new age has stolen many of the gifts God has given us to heal ourselves and they just took God out of the program, which is why it’s only a temporary measure when used without God.


We all sat in a room and imagined something that was very painful and then asked God to show us a picture of that same feeling at the youngest age he wanted to show us.  For instance I thought of a time when someone hurt my feelings and then God showed me a time earlier in my life where that same thing had happened.  The idea is to get to the place (eventually) where we started believing a lie.  For some that lie would manifest in feelings of not being good enough, or not pretty enough, or not smart enough…you get the idea.  When that lie seals into our heart, no matter what we tell our heads, our heart is what wins over.  Not until we can get to the lies/memories and heal them with God’s word.


Another part of the book focuses on breathing.  Pointing out that many times difficult things happen and we actually quit breathing!  Our bodies get ready to fight or flight, sending extra adrenaline and if we don’t do anything, just “handle” the situation and don’t find a way to get rid of this stress, we end up going into adrenal burn out.  Ok, a little too simple, but how many people do you know that have adrenal burn out?  Start to breathe right now.   Try it.  Deep long breaths, every morning.  Those of you that do yoga are already ahead of me.    It’s so exciting to think that God has even more for us to get ourselves healed.
Now we come to the question, how bad do I want to expose those lies and get the healing God has for me?  Well, what have you got to lose but a few hours of your week?


Wait, here’s the best part.  As we begin doing what the book suggests, our health begins to get better.  Many people have been healed of cancer, heart problems, diabetes, depression and on and on.  Lloyd believes that all sickness comes from stress, which imprints on our cells and just continues to add up until our bodies can’t take it any more if we don’t bring healing to the original stress that comes.
What have you got to loose?
 Check out the book at by Alexander Lloyd.  And no, I don’t get royalties!:)
 See you Friday at Celebration at noon.

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