The Healing Code Adventure

The Healing Code Adventure

Bringing Healing to my Family Through Prayer

Sunday morning I awoke with a heavy heart. Who knows why those things happen, just some days you wake up that way. I was up early so I grabbed my cup of coffee and headed to my mini office in our home. The sun was about to come up, and I thought I’d just read my bible for a while and get in a better frame of mind. I went to my computer to see what I wanted to read about today, and I decided to work on my healing codes. As a regular practice, I like to at least do them once a day, but lately I had forgotten and gotten into other things, which can sometimes lead to heavy mornings like Sunday.

Working on Painful Memories

One of the things I like to pray when I come to the Healing Code prayer blank (of what I would like to work on today) is “bring alignment to my husband Mike and I and with You God”. Then I waited a moment to see if the Lord had a memory for me to work on and something quickly flitted past my mind but it seemed so silly I almost went on. Then I stopped and brought it back and it was a memory of driving out of Omaha with my kids after I’d had a miscarriage. We had been visiting my folks and I had gone to the doctors because of bleeding during a pregnancy. They said there was no heartbeat and did I want to have a D&C? If not, I could hemorrhage, which was terrifying after hearing of that happening to a friend of mine. So I had the D&C and remembered being so sad. Afterwards, I was laying on the couch at my parents’ and Mike mentioned that he needed to get his laundry done because he was leaving the next day to go to California for a new job with Taco Bell.

I wanted to be sad about the loss of our baby. Mike needed to get ready for the next day’s travel and new life in California. Now, when I tell you this, you need to understand that we had no tools for working through something as sad as this. This was about the worst thing that had ever happened in our family, next to the loss of grandparents and aunts. But the way we handled loss was to just move on in life. No time to sit around and be sad. And Mike had not learned the “Love After Marriage” technique of understanding the pain of his wife. After all, he hadn’t been able to participate in this pregnancy, it was all in my body.

What to do When We Remember Pain

So, as happens in the process I now know from the Healing Codes, I had to forgive Mike for not understanding where I was in my grief. Then I remembered my mom getting so mad at Mike! She said I shouldn’t be up doing laundry! I needed to be laying down. Which is true, I did need to be laying down, but at the time, I figured you just get it done. And stuff your feelings. So I got kind of mad at my mom for not helping me through this. But in that moment I had to pick between my mom and my husband. I knew Mike was wrong, I knew mom was wrong to show her anger to me, but what could I do but just tell mom I was going to be ok, and go on with life.

How Does our Past Effect our Present Lives?

Suddenly, the Lord reminded me that was what I had done to my daughter. There had been times when I didn’t agree with their choices and instead of figuring it out with God and blessing them, I just quit talking to her. I didn’t want to be mad, I didn’t want her to know how sad I was, so I just quit talking. I made her choose. I knew I was wrong.

My daughter was living in Santa Barbara for a few weeks and in a few days they were leaving for Amsterdam. I didn’t know when I would see them again. They might come back in 3 months, but maybe they would live there. How would I ever right this wrong that had been carried down through generations? I needed to go see her! I told Mike my story and he said “You have to go”.

I packed up and was soon on my way. I didn’t even know if she wanted me to come. I was just going to go. And what happened, happened.

We were so happy to see each other and immediately went to the beach to walk and talk. I told her the whole story and she readily accepted it as pretty true and we hugged and I got to tell her how much I loved her and that love would never go away no matter what decisions she made, no matter where life took her, that love would always be there. I asked her to forgive me for being distant, and for not knowing what to do.

It was good for both of us to talk, to hug, to say goodbye and that we loved each other. It was good to love on my son in law, and tell him he was a good man and that he was brilliant and to pray for them. Thank you God for giving me this precious time with my daughter.

When she drove away, I was so thankful I had come down. I was so thankful I didn’t just stuff it and not think about it. What a wonderful time we had together. So thankful I had prayed that morning and listened to God.

More Fun Happens

As I began to think about what I wanted to do now, I realized I could see other people in Santa Barbara. I thought about our gardeners that had become part of a bible study at our house and decided to see them too! I saw Lupe who is now 89 and worked at our house for over 60 years. He was so happy to see me, and then Antonio, who calls me mom because I led him to the Lord several years ago and his son Elvis. So good.

Then I thought, when will I ever be this close to my sister Patty? I called her in LA to see if she could come up and spend the night in Santa Barbara. A girl’s night! She was excited but couldn’t get away, so I thought “One more night won’t hurt, I’ll drive down there!” It was so fun to see her and to love on her and see the kids and husband Tim. Much too long since I’d seen them. We used to be together all the time, and too much time had come and gone.

Then there was Aunt Kate. She lived in Glendale. How could I come this far down and not see her? We decided a day trip was in order, and just one more night at Patty’s. I promise I am coming home Mike. We invited my niece Mae to come with. A girl trip! And off we went. We spent the day with Aunt Kate who is nearing 84, and talked about all the fun we’ve had in the past. Truly the girls who got hooked on California! Aunt Kate came first years ago when she got married, Patty was next and then we moved out in 1987. It’s just become home to all of us, and now my daughter Amber.

So Healing Codes I say to you Wow! What a breakthrough and a good journey. Thank you Lord, for guiding me into healing and oneness with You.

I love you!
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